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Aug. 22 – Day 18

This day is Haruka’s brithday. Haruka is someone who cute and lovely. She was very surprised when everyone sang a birthday song for her and Antonio gave a paper flower bouquet. Her face became red she smiled all the time in this morning. Then in the lecture time, Ms. Harumi Tange taught us about education for sustainable development focused on why education is important and how education related with environment. Moreover she taught about energy such as how to generate it, how to renewable it, how to use it. She also taught about learning from nature and how to improve our world. After that, we did a workshop involved in school linking. This workshop had … Continue reading

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Aug. 23 – Day 19

Today is 23rd of August, i got up at 5:00am. Took a deep breath of fresh air in the morning before beginning the preparation of “FINAL PRESENTATION”. I’m in charge of the Art and Visual – Props team. I finished my job as soon as possible because it was the second last day before the final presentation. We were really slow but we made such a cool vision board and tomorrow we are going to have the “FINAL PRESENTATION” of AYDPO 2012 yeah!! Awesome, right? Then, around 9:00am we have a lecture by MR. ODA KANETOSHI , he showed us how to dirty water can be changed into clean, drinking water with the … Continue reading

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Aug. 24 – Day 20

Today marked the last full day of our program and also the moment where days and days of preparation were finally going to pay off. The closing ceremony started off with speeches made by various speakers, most congratulating us on completing this program and emphasizing the strength of the connection we now have. A surprise was in store for us as a slideshow of our photos throughout the days played with songs that we had enjoyed during the program. The final presentation went smoothly with things running as we had planned initially, and perhaps even better than expected. As many of us frantically clambered to spend the last few moments … Continue reading

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Aug. 16 – Day 12

Today is the homestay , everybody had to pack up and get ready to go . We took the ferry from Tokashiki Island to the mainland (not sure if it’s the mainland , don’t remember :p ) . The ferry ride was really like a roller coaster ! The waves were really big because there was a typhoon from Taiwan so the waves in Okinawa also was effect . Actually it was dangerous but on the other hand it was fun :p Before going to Ie Island for the homestay , all of us went to the Churaumi Aquarium Tour . The Churaumi Aquarium was really big ! It was … Continue reading

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Aug. 15 – Day 11

Today is impressive day. Because last group discussion day. First our group have group discussion about preparation for midterm presentation. So we have brain storming. After then, We think about earth problem. So our group title is nature(forest, safe water), dream(freedom), air(clean air). So I think separate 2012. 2022. 2032 better than only make 2032. 2012 is very dirty about nature, air etc. But, 2022 is half clean. dirty pollution is change clean pollution, dirty river is clean river. Because we will hard work about for make a clean earth. finally, 2032 year our earth is  will be really clean. Because we will make green belt about all country in the … Continue reading

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Aug. 17 – Day 13

This youthful program certainly does not only recognize the history of the Ie Island as history but also the teacher of the future fortunate generations. On this very day, 54 participants, along with 12 tutors, and also their foster parent(s) visited various historical and tourist attraction sites on this lovely island. The group visits were at the sacred spring, the cave of 1000, the mountain top, the Second World War battle sites, suicide sites and also the two beaches. The sacred spring was the spring where people had to fetch water from before going to school. Citizens of the past had to walk a long way just to collect fresh … Continue reading

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Aug. 18 – Day 14

Konnichiwa! We went to Mt. Gusuku and I was excited because it’s one of the most famous sights in Ie Island. When we reached the top, the view was so beautiful. We went to a factory of peanuts and we also received a lot of giveaways because the owner was very amused of seeing another Filipino in Iejima. It was time to depart from the island and the limited time that we enjoyed each other during homestay made me feel sad knowing that we are leaving them. They have been so caring to us and they did everything to let us enjoy the whole homestay activity. I’ll always remember this … Continue reading

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Aug. 19 – Day 15

This day we had workshop, presentation from Miyako Comprehensive Trade High School, and first preparation for the final presentation!!! I can’t wait for the final presentation. In the morning after breakfast we start the workshop. Today the workshop theme is World Cafe. What I learn from this workshop is trough this workshop, we can find our goal or we know what should we do for the final presentation. It helps a lot.             Second we had presentation from Miyako Comprehensive Trade High School. This presentation is so boring. I’m sleepy during the presentation. I respect their presentation but the way they present their project makes … Continue reading

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Aug. 20 – Day 16

Hi everyone. Today is Monday 20th, August and I have had a wonderful day. I got up at 6.15 and have breakfast at 6.45. Then, we went for a visit to JICA by bus. Then we started workshop. The workshop was so interesting. Each person was given a Role card, which provided us the information about sex, age, area, language…  and we played a small game. We were divided into group according to the role cards, and after each time divided, the lecturer gave us some useful information. We also had many participants of JICA and  they made us laugh so much… Through the workshop, from a global perspective and … Continue reading

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Aug. 21 – Day 17

We started the morning with a discussion to find ideas for the drama we are going to perform. Everyone was full of creative thoughts so we had to try very very hard to come to the conclusion. Fortunately, a really great idea finally came and finished the discussion in an atmosphere cannot be happier. People got a bit tired after the discussion but not for long, the exercises taught by Antonio woke us up! Ready for the morning lecture. Then, we had the wonderful lecture “The History and Culture of Okinawa” by Prof.Purves. We learned a lot of invaluable knowledge from him. I must say that I really admired his presenting … Continue reading

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