Aug. 24 – Day 20

Today marked the last full day of our program and also the moment where days and days of preparation were finally going to pay off. The closing ceremony started off with speeches made by various speakers, most congratulating us on completing this program and emphasizing the strength of the connection we now have. A surprise was in store for us as a slideshow of our photos throughout the days played with songs that we had enjoyed during the program. The final presentation went smoothly with things running as we had planned initially, and perhaps even better than expected. As many of us frantically clambered to spend the last few moments with each other taking photos, it started to dawn on many of us that all good things must come to an end. Saying goodbye to people who had to leave today wasn’t easy for many, and it made many of us realize how important all the friendships we’ve made during this program were to each and every one of us. The program may have ended, but the friendships never will.

Group: 3
Country: Singapore
Name: Jaslyn Chan Jia Hui

As I write this diary, I already got back to my home country. By this time, I already experienced the sad realization that all of us needed to go part ways. But as we say it, this is not a goodbye, but rather “see you soon”.

With our 3 weeks of learning experience and cultural exchange with our fellow youths, we were able to compose our Vision 2032 for sustainable water supply; awareness, quality and equality that all of us will strive for the future generation. We also had the reception wherein we enjoyed Okinawan delicacies and dances. Then, we had the opportunity to go at Kokusai Street to shop for souvenirs. And lastly, we started to send our regards not just to our co-participants but also to the facilitators and coordinators since we have different schedule of departure.

In the deepest of my heart, I want to say thank you so much to the AYDPO family (participants, facilitators, coordinators, and youth leaders) in making my 3 weeks of stay in Okinawa one of my most memorable experience in my whole life. To Papa Latino, Miri, Yori, Nori,  Sayuri, Asa, Sho, Tom, Makoto, Mido, Mariko, Shina, Mina,Tora and other facilitators and coordinators, thank you very much! Your support and kindness to us helped a lot in our stay in this program. And also to the tutors and my co-participants, I won’t forget you~ <3

Again, this is not a goodbye… but rather SEE YOU SOON! ^_^v


Group: 6
Country: Philippines
Name: Karen Charmaigne Bautista Faller

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