Aug. 15 – Day 11

Today is impressive day. Because last group discussion day. First our group have group discussion about preparation for midterm presentation. So we have brain storming. After then, We think about earth problem. So our group title is nature(forest, safe water), dream(freedom), air(clean air). So I think separate 2012. 2022. 2032 better than only make 2032. 2012 is very dirty about nature, air etc. But, 2022 is half clean. dirty pollution is change clean pollution, dirty river is clean river. Because we will hard work about for make a clean earth. finally, 2032 year our earth is  will be really clean. Because we will make green belt about all country in the world. It is very important something about make a clean earth. Green belt is make a big forest in the world. Also Trong think we will use time machine better than don’t use nothing. I think it is very good idea. So we have to presentation. So many participants laugh and many people clap they’s hand. I’m so happy! After group discussion we have midterm presentation. Our group presentation is very great! So I’m happy. But on the on hand really sad. Because today is last day about group activity. But Dushi 4ever!

Group 4
Country: Korea
Name: Ui Jeong Nam

August 15th, a fruitful day. Being the last day the 6 groups worked together on a presentation, all of us really wanted to do our best and showcase the best kind of teamwork and presentation our group had. Some groups even woke up very early in the morning just so that they could prepare.

I think the midterm presentations went incredibly well, as all the groups had a unique presentation style and every group had a different vision and message to convey. For my group, in particular, we had the vision of sustainable water supply for everyone and we worked on that vision to form our presentation. Many groups, like our group, divided the workload into the vision board and the scriptwriting and this was a practice of good time management, which will be useful for our final presentation. The midterm presentation also showcased how each of us have our own unique ideas and how each idea can integrate together to form an excellent presentation. Some groups had humour, some groups had a touching message and some groups had a detailed description of their vision. I’m sure if we combine these ideas for our final presentation, we will be able to come up with a good final presentation.

After the midterm presentation, we had BBQ! It was a good way to relax from all the stress after the presentation and also a good way to make new friends and talk to people with similar interests. Today may have been a gloomy day since it was the last time we worked in our groups, but I am looking forward to working with everyone else to come up with a mega-awesome presentation on the 24th! It’s time for homestay!

Group 5
Country: Singapore
Name: Dhiraj G Chainani

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