Aug. 19 – Day 15

This day we had workshop, presentation from Miyako Comprehensive Trade High School, and first preparation for the final presentation!!! I can’t wait for the final presentation.

In the morning after breakfast we start the workshop. Today the workshop theme is World Cafe. What I learn from this workshop is trough this workshop, we can find our goal or we know what should we do for the final presentation. It helps a lot.







Second we had presentation from Miyako Comprehensive Trade High School. This presentation is so boring. I’m sleepy during the presentation. I respect their presentation but the way they present their project makes me bored. And I don’t understand even a little thing about buckwheat. This, look her way to thinking.

The last activity is first preparation for the final presentation. yeah! finally..

For the final presentation we were divided into four communities. There are art & visual community, drafting community, producers community, and performance community. I’m went to drafting community, which is means that I will get busy at a few days for the first day working because our job is to make script for the presentation. But no matter is that, it will be fun!

Group 2
Country: Indonesia
Name: Putu Meitri Nirmala Utami

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