Aug. 22 – Day 18

This day is Haruka’s brithday. Haruka is someone who cute and lovely. She was very surprised when everyone sang a birthday song for her and Antonio gave a paper flower bouquet. Her face became red she smiled all the time in this morning.

Then in the lecture time, Ms. Harumi Tange taught us about education for sustainable development focused on why education is important and how education related with environment. Moreover she taught about energy such as how to generate it, how to renewable it, how to use it. She also taught about learning from nature and how to improve our world. After that, we did a workshop involved in school linking. This workshop had 6 topics are education, sanitation, waste, access to water, food and others. I chose others and my group focused on pollution problem.

Purpose of this workshop is for finding the possible link between participants after ending this program.



Then we had a lunch and prepared for final presentation that I worked in song team.We tried many times to do the best song for AYDPO 2012. After sing for a long time, finally we got the best one in the last try. At 8.00 pm, Sasha appointed all of participants to listen our song. After everyone had already listened, They gave a big applaud for us that made us very impress. This feel will stay in my mind forever. ;’D





Group: 6
Country: Thailand
Name: Thanakrich Rungreangrathtanakul

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