Aug. 18 – Day 14


We went to Mt. Gusuku and I was excited because it’s one of the most famous sights in Ie Island. When we reached the top, the view was so beautiful. We went to a factory of peanuts and we also received a lot of giveaways because the owner was very amused of seeing another Filipino in Iejima.

It was time to depart from the island and the limited time that we enjoyed each other during homestay made me feel sad knowing that we are leaving them. They have been so caring to us and they did everything to let us enjoy the whole homestay activity. I’ll always remember this homestay experience and the memories that I had will always be treasured.

Hugs and love to my host family. Salute to Ie Island for the gentle people. 🙂

Group 3
Country: Philippines
Name: Cedrick Louis Sienes Antiquina

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