Aug. 21 – Day 17

We started the morning with a discussion to find ideas for the drama we are going to perform. Everyone was full of creative thoughts so we had to try very very hard to come to the conclusion. Fortunately, a really great idea finally came and finished the discussion in an atmosphere cannot be happier.

People got a bit tired after the discussion but not for long, the exercises taught by Antonio woke us up! Ready for the morning lecture.

Then, we had the wonderful lecture “The History and Culture of Okinawa” by Prof.Purves. We learned a lot of invaluable knowledge from him. I must say that I really admired his presenting methods, full of tough questions but still kept us joyful at all time.

We spent the rest evening to prepare for the final presentation as usual

and finally…please…please…please…we went to bed at 10:00 pm ;))


Country: Vietnam
Name: Ngoc Tu Uyen Nguyen



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