Aug. 20 – Day 16

Hi everyone. Today is Monday 20th, August and I have had a wonderful day. I got up at 6.15 and have breakfast at 6.45. Then, we went for a visit to JICA by bus. Then we started workshop. The workshop was so interesting. Each person was given a Role card, which provided us the information about sex, age, area, language…  and we played a small game. We were divided into group according to the role cards, and after each time divided, the lecturer gave us some useful information. We also had many participants of JICA and  they made us laugh so much… Through the workshop, from a global perspective and reflecting the current situation, we realize the world problems and think about what we can do to solve them.

In the afternoon, I had a chance to join Karate class, and this is the first time I have ever tried Karate. We only learned the basic techniques, but it was so interesting.

There is only 5 days left and I have to leave the big family – AYDPO 2012. Thanks for AYDPO, tutors, facilitators, coordinators, sponsors and every participants. Thanks so much and I love this program. Hope to see all of you again…

Group 4
Country: Vietnam
Name: Quang Noc Dinh


Last night, I slept at 10 o’clock,so today I was very alert for activities. I was very glad so much because today have no lecture, In the morning, I got up at 6 o’clock and prepare to had breakfast and then, I thought about Final presentation because last night I had homework about present idea and opinion for everyone in Art committee.Today I visited to Jica, this place is organization for help people,like a UN,WHO,and I learned about problem, subsist, population in the world, I like this activity because it was easy to understand. For presentation, we had 2 question such as 1. what did we learned from this presentation and 2. what do you promise to do.I think,Education was very importance because now a day,we had to study,had to learned for existence and if i had chance,I will give and share knowledge,education for everyone and next we closing ceremony and had lunch together,this is my first time for desert.I felt very glad,nice,and happy so much.

And next activity,I choose Easa dancing and we watched 2 show,we dance and practice together for presentation and the last we got the best of the show,it is very surprise because we did not remember but just enjoy and smile,and laugh together on stage.Today is the best day for me.

Group 5
Country: Thailand
Name: Napassorn Kleangklang



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