Aug. 17 – Day 13

This youthful program certainly does not only recognize the history of the Ie Island as history but also the teacher of the future fortunate generations. On this very day, 54 participants, along with 12 tutors, and also their foster parent(s) visited various historical and tourist attraction sites on this lovely island. The group visits were at the sacred spring, the cave of 1000, the mountain top, the Second World War battle sites, suicide sites and also the two beaches.

The sacred spring was the spring where people had to fetch water from before going to school. Citizens of the past had to walk a long way just to collect fresh water for their everyday activities. Now, since they have proper pipelines, they no longer use the spring and just respect it as their former water source.

The cave of the 1000 is a natural cave which was big enough to fit 1000 people. This huge cave also protected and hid 1000 people during the second world war. In this cave, there is a stone which the people believed was belonged to a goddess of child birth. When a woman carries it, from her point of view, its weight determines the gender of her child; if the stone is heavy, she’ll get a boy; if the stone is light, she’ll get a girl.

The mountain top had a legendary ‘footprint-shaped’ mark. And the view was amazingly lovely! One can see the 360 degrees ends of the lovely Ie Islands. The areas where the battle sites and the suicide sites were situated was a little depressing for me. Despite the beauty of the island, it turns out quite obvious that this island, too, have an scary past. Everyone hopes such horror will not occur in the mere future.

We went to two beaches. One had sandy paths and lovely, crystal clear waters. The other, on the other hand, had rocks pathways and clean, glassy FRESH WATER. The girls cleaned up the shelter near by the beach, while the boys went down to the rocky beach area to pick up rubbish. The stay of that island, though was short, but will carve a lovely memory in our hearts which will always be cherished by every participant and foster family member.

Group 2
Country: Brunei
Name: Lilian Marie Heng


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