Aug. 23 – Day 19

Today is 23rd of August, i got up at 5:00am. Took a deep breath of fresh air in the morning before beginning the preparation of “FINAL PRESENTATION”. I’m in charge of the Art and Visual – Props team. I finished my job as soon as possible because it was the second last day before the final presentation. We were really slow but we made such a cool vision board and tomorrow we are going to have the “FINAL PRESENTATION” of AYDPO 2012 yeah!! Awesome, right?

Then, around 9:00am we have a lecture by MR. ODA KANETOSHI , he showed us how to dirty water can be changed into clean, drinking water with the addition of Polyglutamic Acid. At first, in the beaker, there was nothing but contaminated lake water. After the addition of Polyglutamic Acid and 1 minute of rapid stirring, then it changed to pure water with just colloid particles on the bottom which can be easily filtered. Also, he has travel to many countries around the world to provide education and water treatment technology utilizing Polyglutamic Acid to help people who live in rural areas so that they can get access to clean water. After the lecture, it was lunch time and i really love Japanese’s food. i like everything except Nato. If you’ve tried eating it for the first time, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Furthermore, we went back to preparing for the “FINAL PRESENTATION”. While working, we sang a song called “THE FUTURE WHERE WE BELONG”. It is an original AYDPO 2012 song that was composed by the participants. I’m very happy that i joined this program. This program helped me gain a lot of skills and I totally had a lot of fun.

Finally, I would like to thank my tutors, facilitators and all the other participants. I’ll remember all the times that we shared and enjoyed. All the tears, joys, disappointments, achievements, encouragements and helpful advice forever and ever.

Country: Laos
Name: Vichitta Soondara (Guz)


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Group 6
Country: China
Name: Zihui Qian

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