Aug. 16 – Day 12

Today is the homestay , everybody had to pack up and get ready to go . We took the ferry from Tokashiki Island to the mainland (not sure if it’s the mainland , don’t remember :p ) . The ferry ride was really like a roller coaster ! The waves were really big because there was a typhoon from Taiwan so the waves in Okinawa also was effect . Actually it was dangerous but on the other hand it was fun :p Before going to Ie Island for the homestay , all of us went to the Churaumi Aquarium Tour . The Churaumi Aquarium was really big ! It was the first time for me to see an aquarium that was so so so so big ! There were various kinds of fishes , big and small . The shark was gigantic ! It looks very scary . I never knew that there would be a big shark like that in the world . After the whole tour , at the end of the aquarium , there is a souvenir shop . It had a lot of cute merchandise . I bought some dolphin-like dolls for my family . They are really cute ! Many participants took the chance that time to buy many things . Soon after , all of us gather to take a group picture .  Then we were off to the ferry to Ie Island for the homestay .  It was a happy ending for the day 🙂


Group 1
Country: Malaysia
Name: Puteri Nur Syazanna Sabella Zaidi





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