AYEPO/AYDPO Alumnis’ Speeches

Here are the speeches that the AYEPO/AYDPO Alumni did in the Opening Ceremony of AYDPO2015

Tim MANN(Australia, University of Western Sydney)
Participant of AYEPO2010

Melissa IRAHA CLAYTON(Okinawa, Waseda University)
Participat of AYEPO2008

Yuto OHTA(Aichi, Keio University)
Participant of AYDPO2011

Karen FALLER(Philippines, ANZ Global Services and Operations Manila inc)
Participant of AYDPO2012, YouthLeader of AYDPO2013

Michael TAN(China, University of California)
Participant of AYDPO2011, YouthLeader of AYDPO2012

Ayane ISHIGAKI(Okinawa, Kuniken Ltd.) w/Jp Sub
Tutor of AYDPO2011

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