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AYDPO is on OkinawaTimes(Local Newspaper)!!

AYDPO is on Okinawa Times(Aug 29th 2015)!!

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Aug. 16 – Day 12

Today is the homestay , everybody had to pack up and get ready to go . We took the ferry from Tokashiki Island to the mainland (not sure if it’s the mainland , don’t remember :p ) . The ferry ride was really like a roller coaster ! The waves were really big because there was a typhoon from Taiwan so the waves in Okinawa also was effect . Actually it was dangerous but on the other hand it was fun :p Before going to Ie Island for the homestay , all of us went to the Churaumi Aquarium Tour . The Churaumi Aquarium was really big ! It was … Continue reading

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I feared of this day since the very beginning. Thinking about the day when we have to say good bye and turn our backs to probably never see each other again made my chest feel heavy with sadness. I didn’t want this day to come, but it did…. and it was painful. It took me a lot of strength to pass through the morning without crying. Apart from the sadness that lingered in my heart, I was also very excited for the final presentation. Everyone had worked so hard, even giving up their time to sleep but in the end everything came together and we were able to present a … Continue reading

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Today, we had to wake up at 4:30 because art visual team had to make ‘AYDBOT’. Anyway, I woke up at 5:00 🙁 After ate breakfast, we went to Ando Security. It was a small company in Okinawa. We looked around the company and listened brief explanation about company. Though it was a small company, their goal was not small. And finally! our AYDBOT is completed and we also had final rehearsal. I’m really excited of tomorrow’s closing ceremony 😉 Group:6-4 Country:Rep. KOREA Name: juhyun Kim Ah, The last day is nearer and nearer. It didn’t look like three weeks. This morning, I got up at 5:30 because me, Bruce … Continue reading

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Hello!everyone.Today is Sunday 21/08/2011 and i have to type about my feeling,tell more for activities .So you and i we should be prepare know more about today together,let go. Today in the morning i have wake up 6 o’clock for start working but during that time have somebody sing a song on speaker for wake up,right!it so joking because every day don’t have like this,maybe today is the special day ,so that they have to make something to surprise us.After that i’m go to take a shower and go to the dining room,check temperature ,eat breakfast and then we have to go for visit “JICA” by bus.We arrive there about … Continue reading

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I got up at 6:30 and then had breakfast at 7:30 after that I had lecture5 which in title that Water and Environment issue(Purifying water on a global level) by MR. Kanetoshi Oda Nippon Poly-Glu Co,.Ltd. This lecture made me know how to purifying water for using . Mr Kanetoshi demonstrated purifying water that was very interesting I just wondered that after purifying we could drink that water as soon as .In addition Mr. kanetoshi gave me the wonderful powder that could purify the water to be clean water . After lecture I had lunch at 12:00 , the foods were very nice I like that foods and then about … Continue reading

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We had two interesting lectures. They were our last lectures, very useful and memorable. Besides, we had a preparation for the final presentation. It’s gonna be tough because we don’t have much time left. But we believe that we can do it well. Group:6 Country:Vietnam Name:Giang Nguyen Thi

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This was a tough but interesting day. Actually I did not like the weather today, it was too sunny. We went up the hill to see the castles. I felt very hot and tired this time. But when we came to Kimutaka to see the fantastic play performed by some youngers same age with us, I felt different. This was awesome! We were all excited. Thanks, my friends. Group:6 Country:2 Name:Giang Nguyen Thi

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It was the last day of the home stay. Sayaka(Japan), Asri(Indonesia) and I had a lazy morning. I then cooked Indian food for everyone! I was surprised to find that in such a short time I had formed such and irrevocable bond with my host family. I was indeed sorry to leave, but leave we had to. At around 2pm we reluctantly said our good byes to our host families and embarked for the Churaumi Aquarium. The Churaumi Aquarium was one of the best experiences I have ever had! It was so wonderful! We saw so many different kinds of sea creatures like corals, sharks, crabs, lobsters and what not! … Continue reading

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Yes, it was the home stay. Final the “Home Stay” I was waiting for. We had arrived here at this place last evening and it was time to get going. In my home, there was a grandfather, a young grandfather he seemed, a grandmother, again young, and their grandson, the cute and lovely, Taiyo. He made our even pleasant and memorable with his jumps and kicks and punches. And not to forget the cat, that I barely saw. :/ I was there with the two tutors, Koki and Yogie. Both of them really helpful and supportive, and spent half of their time at home stay translating things to me. The … Continue reading

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