Hello!everyone.Today is Sunday 21/08/2011 and i have to type about my feeling,tell more for activities .So you and i we should be prepare know more about today together,let go.
Today in the morning i have wake up 6 o’clock for start working but during that time have somebody sing a song on speaker for wake up,right!it so joking because every day don’t have like this,maybe today is the special day ,so that they have to make something to surprise us.After that i’m go to take a shower and go to the dining room,check temperature ,eat breakfast and then we have to go for visit “JICA” by bus.We arrive there about 9 o’clock i’m not sure,i just guess.Then we start workshop,we have to share idea and preparation the same with in the hall , we have any participants of JICA they have to make us enjoy, laughing , etc.after that we have comments but it also happy , I like today , I really say from my heart. Until 12:45 we have lunch everybody think they are so hungry because I have feeling like that too but a foods are very delicious we have to eat a lot. we feel full so much and that hall is so big, specious if I walk alone I may lose already and then we have to come back for do our job again. Maybe tired but happy about our job we doing by our-self and have a good feeling .
I feel good today but sometime make me feel sad so I always think a lot about it, do not worry it is OK already. I came to japan to learn more about environment they gave me to know about solidarity,and big family. I think everyone is also have this feeling so that’s why the last day for closing ceremony they cry because they lost these things but we will keep in our heart the same with them .
The last one I hope everyone enjoy and have a good healthy, spending all the time in japan for useful and remember everything in japan. we have cry,sad,happy,serious but we have to clear that problem to be good. So I wish everyone from Asia ,you are my best friends ,we are the big family everyday we have to eat breakfast,lunch,dinner together, have the same house ,the same mother ,father sister and brother those are the second family of us . we don’t know each other before but we are so friendly. that are the big thing in my heart I never think this is the end already , I only think we live the same world it is not today maybe in the future I really ensure that we may to meet and greeting again. thanks for AYDPO , tutors, facilitators,coordinators,sponsors and every participants thanks so much I love this program.

Name:Miss. Phavadee PHASAVATH (NOUK)



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