I got up at 6:30 and then had breakfast at 7:30 after that I had lecture5 which in title that Water and Environment issue(Purifying water on a global level) by MR. Kanetoshi Oda Nippon Poly-Glu Co,.Ltd. This lecture made me know how to purifying water for using . Mr Kanetoshi demonstrated purifying water that was very interesting I just wondered that after purifying we could drink that water as soon as .In addition Mr. kanetoshi gave me the wonderful powder that could purify the water to be clean water . After lecture I had lunch at 12:00 , the foods were very nice I like that foods and then about 1 hour I had freetime I enjoyed with my friends in the room we were listening musics and made the music video that was so funny after that at 14:00 I had to prepare for the final presentation it was very hard, I had to brain strom with others but finally it was passed well I was very happy that I was the one of them, I was in the performence committee. After finished preparing about 18:30 I had dinner at the restaurant, the foods were still very delicious I ate a lot and then about 20:00 I had meeting at auditorium to discuss how to make the presentation to be good I had to brain strom with others again after finished that I went back to my room and took a shower and after that sleeping. that was very hard day for me but it was passed well I was very happy

Name:MR. sitthima KEOVONGKOTH

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