Aug. 14 – Day 10

Hey guys. Konnichiwa. For this day, we were having a very good and outstanding lecture from Mr. Kojima  about ‘Water and Sustainable Development’. We learned a lot from this lecture such as the the people which are having their property cannot take care of the environment because they do not have the proper waste disposal such as the proper toilet management. We also learned about the climate change. Hehe ( group 3) and also about the water crisis which is we can have water but we cannot use the water as the unfortunate one don’t have proper toilet, it will contaminate the underground water.

After that, we were having a group discussion which was each group have their own country to present to the others. By this group discussion, we learned how to think critically and made a very good conclusion and the all overview of this water related issues. Our group got India, as we have and Indian in our group so she helped a lot in this discussion but we all gave ideas on what happened in India nowadays. We presented our findings in different ways but my group had a lot of difference because we made a tv show which is the BaBy C News. Hahahha. It was quite funny to have a nice small skits and we were like having a real tragedy.

In the evening,we had a KPTT which we can expressed our feelings to our group members. Some of the members were crying all over because they realized their mistakes but like me, I’m cool, hahaha. I’m cried too 😛

At night, we just had our brief explanation for the vision 2032 mid-term presentation and we had a good time with papa latino. I also had to share a word from Mahatma Gandhi which is we don’t get the nature by our grandparents but we borrow the nature from our grandchildren which means we have to take care the nature for our future generation.

Country: Malaysia
Name: Mohamed Emir Hamzah Bin Noor Din


So, two days ago we learned about water sheds…  Anyways, today we learned about different countries with water related problems.  Our group(Freaky Threeks!) was in charge of India.  Because one of our members(Drish) is from India, she told us about the problems in her country.  In the presentation, we acted out a news program called ‘Baby C News’.  We explained how in rural areas people suffer from diseases caused by polluted drinking water.  I was one of the sick children.  Haha.  At night we had a group discussion about our honest feelings to each of the group members.  It was very emotional…  Also, we started preparing for the midterm presentation.  I hope our group does well!!

Name:Sasha Cunningham

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