Aug. 13 – Day 09

Today is quite similar as everyday because we had to wake up at 6.00 then had breakfast at 7.30 after that we had a group discussion at 9.00. Our topic was about ‘Catfish pond’ so we had to create our own cities. After that we connected our cities and saw that what are the problems we could find.

After group discussion we went to the beach. We went canoeing and snorkeling. It was such a wonderful day for me because it was my first time to snorkeled. I felt really enjoyable with this activity because whenever I see the aquatic animals it will make me smile at the same time. More than that, I realized that it would be better if those animals aren’t extinct by human beings.

”This island is really attractive by its natures”.

Group: 5
Country: Laos
Name: Thepmala Sadettan

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