Aug. 12 – Day 08

” Trust and Fall ” game is a very wonderful game.

The group discussion was a a rally brainstorming moment . It was very interesting because every student tried very hard. When the presentation came out , every group has a  unique idea. Moreover, I also think that our team work is getting better and better. Dee and Jako ( group 5 ) even acted as a cute couple . They were really cute as Jako walked in a very feminine way.

At night we went up the hills to see the stars . It was like millions of stars in the sky. Hero saw four shooting stars . He is very lucky. Ui Jeong and I sat down and we had a great time chatting each other.On the way back , Lucia , Jack and me sang “Bejing Huan Yin Ni” and many other songs including ” Da Cheng Shao Ai ” . I will always remember the  every moment .


Group 4
Country: Myanmar
Name: Koont Thet Htar

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