Aug. 11 – Day 07

In the morning we bring our luggage  downstairs and I know that we are going to move. Off course , youth leaders will leave us . Yesterday evening during the activate , I cried a lot . And this morning , I can’t help crying again . I really miss them , Kana Micheal Sanya and other youth leaders . I hope that we can meet again in the future .

Then we got on the ship . The sea is really beautiful and clear . In China , we can’t find a sea that is so clean . The sea is blue like the sky .Though I got a headache on the ship I still feel happy .

The new place is beautiful .Meal here taste great . Most important , I won’t be hungry any more ~

After lunch , we went to the beach to collect the garbage . There are many kinds of garbage and they are from different countries . we found some big plastic balls on the beach . Also , we found some beautiful shells on the beach . The sun shines , and my skin almost become black .

After dinner , our group had a small talk . In the meeting , we shared our secrets . It took a long time that after we finish the talk stars had already shine on the dark blue sky .

Group 2
Country: China
Name: Quan Guo


We have just finished our first session. Today we started our second session. In the morning, after we had breakfast we took the bus and ferry to Tokashiki Island. While we were on the ferry I felt really fresh there with the blue ocean and sky but I felt a little seasick :(. It was a 1 hour voyage to arrive at the location and I was so surprised with the beautiful scenery of this island. It was a gorgeous island that I have never seen before!!!

In the afternoon, after lunch we had the activity 5 (Beach Combing) where we collected all the trashes on the island. It was a sunny day and the weather was extremely hot. During the activity although it was hot there, but we really had fun collecting garbage and discovered some strange things, those garbage came from Japan, China, Korea, Philippine…(Those garbages are so lucky to travel here :D). After Beach Combing we had a challenge game.
In this game, we had to use corals to build the highest structure, where the highest is the winner. Because we cooperated our team very well and that’s why we won YeYe :-). That was Awesome!!!

Finally, In the evening we had a long free time to enjoy the gorgeous view and relax for the next day’s lecture and group discussion. I am really enjoying this island and the accommodation is very nice!

Group 1-2 (Kuinaz1)
Country: Cambodia
Name: Sokunthi Sao





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