Aug. 10 – Day 06

Today was a day full of activities and learning. First, the unforgettable marshmallow activity. We were excited and had a mixed set of emotions too. Because of our team work and cooperation we won this activity. Then was time for some serious group discussions and it too turned out to be very successful. After a peaceful break with a picturesque scenery we went to OIST which was amazing experience and one of the places I will never forget in my lifetime.

After such a hearty and happy day we have come back and now it’s getting hard to admit but our Youth Leaders have to go and it feels bad and heart wrenching for me as I was very close to all the youth leaders we were like a family and now I am going to miss them a lot. 

Group 3 (Freaky Threaks)

Name: Drishti Mendiratta
Country: India

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