Aug. 09 – Day 05

It was really a great day. We did haarii boat racing and it’s my first time in a boat. I can’t swim. I just wanted to have a great time with my friends. It’s really awesome and cool. Even though it’s a bit tiring. I’m really happy. We went to see the back stage of a play performing by senior high school and junior high school students from okinawa. They are very hard working and they did it really awesome. They seems really passionate in what they are doing and it inspires me a lot. I even felt like I’m a part of them while watching their play. I’m really amazed by today’s activities and I’m really like them. Thanks everyone. I love you guys. 🙂


Group 6
Country: Myanmar
Name: Kaung Sithu

Today we have two interesting activities. We compete each group in Haarii, the Traditional Dragon Boat Race in Okinawa. This is my first time in Boat Racing. In this activity we have to build our teamwork to be a winner. Because we have to row the boat together. After that, we go to see back stage tour of Kimutaka No Amawari Musical Play. It’s very amazing play I’ve ever seen. Dancers’ and players’ acting is so amazing, they are so shiny and they do it very happy. I really wanna watch it again in a complete version. They really inspired me to do my best and do it full from my heart. Thank you so much 🙂

Group 5
Country: Indonesia
Name: Jako Aprilio Sibuea


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