Aug. 08 – Day 04

Actually, we’ve learned many things today, we got 3 lectures. The first one is “water is life”; second lecture is relating to “international cooperation the field of water” and the last is “UNV’s activities in water issue”. We caught up variety of useful information from the lecture, it was a worth opportunity. Personally, I’m very interested in second lecture, it was a pretty cool presentation. Moreover, today we also watched some video and have a group discussion in the evening. we was finding solution of saving pregnant woman’s life and water supply. In brief, It was a really fun and knowledgeable day.

Group 2
Country: Cambodia
Name: Soklin Leng


Today was an great day, we were fortunate enough to be able to have a lecturer that has earned his Ph.D and has experienced many different encounters of the world. He gave us an introduction about some the problems of the world; he also mentioned about the benefits of having paddy fields as it can produce a huge number of food easily.
As for the afternoon another lecturer came that came from the United Nations who is specialized under Human rights and the privileges  that we had. In the end of the day I had gained knowledge about the the shortage of water and the fears that might happen afterwards.

group 1
Name: Lyndon
Country: Brunei

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