Aug. 06 – Day 02

It’s Aug 6th. We have arrived in Okinawa for 2 days. But some guys don’t arrive until today because of typhoon. I’m very happy to have the chance to join the program. You know,it’s so fantasy that we are from different countries and use different languages, but now we live in a one room. Morning, it was the game time. It was really funny. Then in the afternoon,we played “deer”. It’s not only a game, we got something about our environment.

And the night was coming,at half past of nine, welcome party was began!!!!We wrote PASSION MAP to know about each other. I found many Harry Potter fans besides me!!!It’s really a good way to make friends!!!And then, it’s the show time of the participants from Okinawa!! They performed karate which is created in Okinawa and Okinawa traditional dance. In the end,everyone danced with music.

Group 5
Country: China
Name: Jiening Shao


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