Aug. 07 – Day 03

Asian Youth Development Program in Okinawa 2012 started today officially with a mind blowing opening ceremony in Bankoku Shinryokan (summit hall). I was in my traditional dress. It was a real fun doing it. Hats off to the Logistics and the Learning support team. We went for lunch after that. The food was really mouthwatering and very tasty. The drinks and the sweets added on to it. The opening ceremony was really a SUCCESS. We then attended our first lecture “Lets become the people of the 22nd century” by Mr. Muroyama. We had a great time listening to it and asking questions to him. The day past out beautifully and we were totally exhausted after enjoying so much.

Group 4 Rocks!

Group 4
Country: India
Name: Pranjal Gupta


Called upon stage to do an activity

We started the program with Opening ceremony. The ceremony held in a beautiful place and It was great time to get know each other through the introduce time.After the opening ceremony we had a wonderful lunch and watched Okinawa’s traditional dances. It was awesome. During that time I could get more closer with friends.

Group 6
Jin u-sung From Republic of Korea

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