Photos of Day17(Aug.21) [2015 UPDATED]

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It was a long day of preparing for the final presentation, especially after knowing that the deadline was a day early. Despite a lot of disagreements during discussion, in the end we all pulled through and got the job done.

Mohammad Ashraf Haziq MOHD MARASHARIN


Tragic news has hit the AYDPO community today. After 17 days of comprehensive lectures, informative presentations, and all the fun and games, the entire program is about to come to an end. A storm is expected to enter the Okinawan area of responsibility, causing us to hold the final presentation a day earlier than expected. Fortunately, we have been working to the best of our abilities in making our final presentation the best it could be. We are still excited to showcase our business presentation, artworks, performances, and speeches. Instead of counting the days we have left, we plan on making every day count.

Nicole Jane Ong

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Photos of Day16(Aug.20) [2015 UPDATED]

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Every day are great in AYDPO2015 at the first day until this day August 20
We become friends and really close friends and it seem like we’re family because we help each other , share our feeling , opinion . we try to help other people to understand .
And now, we prepare for final presentation
We have Business team, performance , management and visual arts
We will try our best to improve and develop this world together !!!

Mikky THAO


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AYEPO/AYDPO Alumnis’ Speeches

Here are the speeches that the AYEPO/AYDPO Alumni did in the Opening Ceremony of AYDPO2015
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Photos of Day15(Aug.19) [2015 UPDATED]

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It might be exciting for boys but gross for girls because today we had the opportunity to witness a car being torn apart by a giant robotic arm. I have to admit that this was the coolest thing I had seen in AYDPO. In this recycling facility we learned that steel company formed a joint factory with the recycling facility in order to process recycled steel at maximum efficiency and that some of the waste they couldn’t deal with had to be shipped to mainland Japan. We then had a few chemistry classes about different chemicals used in a car and how to safely dispose of them.
Back to the hotel, we started our preparation for the final presentation immediately after lunch. It was the first time for business committee to cooperate as a team, but we all came up with great ideas and examined each one of them carefully regardless of the idea’s quality. The most important thing I noticed about this newly formed team was that we all respected each other. Even if some members’ English language wasn’t proficient, the others would patiently wait for them to finish and help them if necessary. This kind of spirit is really what I think people need everywhere.

Luting WANG

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Photos of Day14(Aug.18) [2015 UPDATED]

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Photos of Day13(Aug.17) [2015 UPDATED]

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Today is the last day of homestay. We’ve experienced a lot about Okinawan Culture. In the morning, we made Okinawan Donut by ourselves, I love it! And then we went to the Farm and helped our host family. Later it rained heavily and we went back to home. As soon as had the rain stopped than Ochichan drove us to historical places such as Mass Suicide Site, Niiban Gajumaru and Memorial Monument. As I love history, this visit was very knowledgeable for me.
After lunch, we prepared everything for departure. I felt sad because it was getting near to say “Bye”. We went to the Port and then, Closing Ceremony in IE Island was successfully held. We took a lot of photos with Obachan.
I don’t want to say ‘Bye’ because I believe we’ll meet again one day. So we just waved our hands on Ferry and shouted to them ‘Arigato Gozaimasu”. We had a lot of memorial things on IE Island.
We stay at Shimanchu Club for the 3rd session. At night, we shared our homestay experiences and found out what we enjoyed during that time.
Hhuumm. I’ll stop now. It’s time to say ‘ Oyasuminasai’.
Sleep well, sweet dream!


Today was the last day at our home stay at Ie Island. We baked traditional Okinawan cookies and made Okinawan donuts. We also went to see the Habu Snake and some historical artifacts. The closing ceremony was amazing. Some participants performed a musical piece on the sanshin. I enjoyed this home stay a lot and will definitely miss my home stay family. We returned, by ferry, to Onna Village. We are staying at the Shimanchu Club for the third session. At night, we shared our experiences of Iejima with the other participants.
The shadow of the Final Presentation looms over us. I am also rather unhappy as we have reached the last couple of days for the programme.

Malhar Khushu

012 036-1 036

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