It was a long day of preparing for the final presentation, especially after knowing that the deadline was a day early. Despite a lot of disagreements during discussion, in the end we all pulled through and got the job done.

Mohammad Ashraf Haziq MOHD MARASHARIN


Tragic news has hit the AYDPO community today. After 17 days of comprehensive lectures, informative presentations, and all the fun and games, the entire program is about to come to an end. A storm is expected to enter the Okinawan area of responsibility, causing us to hold the final presentation a day earlier than expected. Fortunately, we have been working to the best of our abilities in making our final presentation the best it could be. We are still excited to showcase our business presentation, artworks, performances, and speeches. Instead of counting the days we have left, we plan on making every day count.

Nicole Jane Ong

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