It might be exciting for boys but gross for girls because today we had the opportunity to witness a car being torn apart by a giant robotic arm. I have to admit that this was the coolest thing I had seen in AYDPO. In this recycling facility we learned that steel company formed a joint factory with the recycling facility in order to process recycled steel at maximum efficiency and that some of the waste they couldn’t deal with had to be shipped to mainland Japan. We then had a few chemistry classes about different chemicals used in a car and how to safely dispose of them.
Back to the hotel, we started our preparation for the final presentation immediately after lunch. It was the first time for business committee to cooperate as a team, but we all came up with great ideas and examined each one of them carefully regardless of the idea’s quality. The most important thing I noticed about this newly formed team was that we all respected each other. Even if some members’ English language wasn’t proficient, the others would patiently wait for them to finish and help them if necessary. This kind of spirit is really what I think people need everywhere.

Luting WANG

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