We have finally arrived in our second destination – Tokashiki Island! It was an hour or so of travel but I dont really think anybody noticed the time because they were busy either chatting, laughing out loud or just standing there, feeling the breeze.
An oishi lunch welcomed us. Some of us played killer game while waiting for the time and after that, we took a lot of pictures on the green field and then the opening ceremony followed shortly afterwards.

The afternoon session then started. We played two games – Oh! Deer and To be in their feathers. IT BECAME A WILD GAME! I even fell down during the first. It hurt but I just laughed at it. Everybody seemed to like running around and attacking people, really, I can tell.
The day didn’t end with just that. We had a group discussion after – at first, we were all very quite (tired, perhaps) but Chopra broke the silence and suggested his idea for the visual. We started with something small and had many modifications until we decided to break into groups – one for drawing and another for the presentation. It went on smoothly so yay for us!

AND NO. The day didnt end with just that. We had so much free time after dinner and shower. Some played in the gym (I just watched them played) and some of us came to the entrance of Sango B and stayed there to chat. That marked the creation of the International Club. (no not really HAHA)


Group: G2
Country: Philippines
Name: Ree Maramba



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