Challenging. Fun. Amazing. These 3 words can aplly sum up today. The 2nd day at Tokashiki Island: an awesome stay so far, with an awesome view and awesome roommates. How much better can that get?

First, we had a lecture by Mr. Satoshi Kojima, about Water and Sustainable Development. This is the best lecture that I have sat in so far, the most interesting and also the most informative. It was something that I have never ever heard of before, and thus it was a huge eye opener for me.

Then came the group discussions, which allowed us to further deepen our understanding, and to think more about the matter. It was the most challenging group discussion and presentation so far, as it really pushed our boundaries to the edge, and forced us to think of solutions to water problems within a very short time. Yet, I thoroughly enjoyed it, as my group worked exceptionally well together, and I feel that we did an amazing job! Well done group 4!

I really cannot wait for tomorrow! We are going to help clean the beach through beach combing, and it is a chance to finally see the sea in front of me! I am extremely excited, and hope I have another chance to write again! Signing off!

P.S. Once the photos are out, I would upload them as soon as possible!



Group: 4-3
Country: Singapore
Name: Joejyn Marcus Wan

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