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Photos of Day12(Aug.16) [2015 UPDATED]

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It was a really good day. We went to a lot of historical places, which are both beautiful and meaningful. We climbed the mountain too. It was really exhausted, but it was really fun and the view from the top of the mountain was so awesome. After that, we went to the beach. Our host family prepared for us some water guns, and I just shot anyone I met :)) I also saw some beautiful sea creatures, but I didn’t know their names in English. In the evening, my host family prepared for us a lot of delicious food. Oto san and Ne chan taught us how to make Okinawan … Continue reading

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Photos of Day11(Aug.15) [2015 UPDATED]

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It was a nice and sunny day. After having a nice breakfast with pasta ,we left the beautiful island Tokashiki ,where we had spent a week of unforgettable time, by ferry. The blue sea was beautiful still. We left for Okinawa zoo and museum when we got to Naha City, which we had an amazing lecture by Mr.Takada in. The lecture about housing and farming in Okinawa together with the visit of an old house nearby was so interesting that I nearly forgot the time. It was so lucky for me to get a signature from Mr.Takada after the lcture. Saying goodbye to the zoo, we went to Ie island … Continue reading

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Photos of Day10(Aug.14) [2015 UPDATED]

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For me aydpo is very good program,because of this ican learn how to make friends with the other country.about on 14 /8/15 very hard to explain because this is about mid term presentatjon,every one is confused because of this mid term friends and me dont have any idea how to do this hahaha.also my friend crying .but my group always try to make an idea.finaly at the morning we have an idea for mid term.and i have make an script and it was hard.but idid it.after that we show our presentation and it was great G4-P1 Indonesia Fachran Hindami SIRAD

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Photos of Day9(Aug.13) [2015 UPDATED]

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That day was really awesome! I learnt many new things. In the morning, we had a lecture about business model. That was great!! I learnt many things about how a business is running. We even had to do an assignment. And in the afternoon, we had to prepare for the midterm presentation. To say the truth, it’s difficult. But we all did that together and overcame it. I think our group got closer after this. This was a tiring but an excellent day. G4-P3 Myanmar Thet Nwe NYI —————————————————– Yeah! Today is good day for me. I have nice meal, amazing lecture, and group activity went well. I love today … Continue reading

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Photos of Day8(Aug.12) [2015 UPDATED]

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Love everyone here. Everyone is so nice and friendly. Especially Bong and Wakana. Woot woot. Group6 is the best ♥ Art team doing great right now all the best ♥♥ Good job to everyone in AYDPO2015 you guys are great (; G6-P3 Singapore Kenneth Jin Loong ONG ————————————————– I was really excited when I first arrived in Tokashiki island. It was the 3rd day in this island but it seem like the first day of the program. I am starting express myself and talk to others people. That day there was a program call KPTT(keep, problem, try, and thank). That the time I am starting to know more about my … Continue reading

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