It was a nice and sunny day. After having a nice breakfast with pasta ,we left the beautiful island Tokashiki ,where we had spent a week of unforgettable time, by ferry. The blue sea was beautiful still.
We left for Okinawa zoo and museum when we got to Naha City, which we had an amazing lecture by Mr.Takada in. The lecture about housing and farming in Okinawa together with the visit of an old house nearby was so interesting that I nearly forgot the time. It was so lucky for me to get a signature from Mr.Takada after the lcture.
Saying goodbye to the zoo, we went to Ie island to meet our home stay family. Our hosts were waiting for us in the hall. The traditional performance of Okinawa showed by some cute girls made us fell the great passions the local people had. Then we drove to our own home stay, forgetting.work and lectures. The first dinner was so unforgettable for me, which I had tried fresh raw fish for the first time in. My family had some special rules. For example, we should make a 15 centimeter gap between our beds and the wall. However, our host and hostress were so kind to is that I believe we would have a good time in Ie island.
Good night.

Yuxuan LIN


In the morning, we went to Okinawan zoo to listen to a lecture about livestock. It was so interesting that i got engaged in it immediately.
After that, we rode the boat to Ie island to meet my host. We received a warm opening ceremony from cute kids and met the host family. It was raining but our mood could not be weighed down.
The host had a small but closeknit apartment. We were so tired that we slept very early. I love you AYDPO!

Minh Nhat NGUYEN


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