That day was really awesome! I learnt many new things. In the morning, we had a lecture about business model. That was great!! I learnt many things about how a business is running. We even had to do an assignment.
And in the afternoon, we had to prepare for the midterm presentation. To say the truth, it’s difficult. But we all did that together and overcame it. I think our group got closer after this. This was a tiring but an excellent day.

Thet Nwe NYI


Yeah! Today is good day for me. I have nice meal, amazing lecture, and group activity went well. I love today meals. It’s really good, but to be honest most of AYDPO food are delicious for me haha. Today we have lecture about making business model. That model is called business incubation. Mr.Sugimoto teach us a lot. He share his experience to us. I will use all the knowledge that he give to us during AYDPO and in the future. We have a chance to make my own business plan and i came up with weird business plan. It’s labor provider agency. We will help homeless , provide education, foods, and shelter for them. After that we will provide them to a company whose need labor and charge them for our profits. In the afternoon we have to prepare for midterm presentation , we have group discussion and we have amazing plan. We come up smalthy jr. Smalthy jr.is insole that can generate electricity when u walk. It also help to reduce smelly foot problems. We got this idea from Hina. Thank her for this amazing ideas. During group discussion , we didn’t have conflict. We work as a team. It’s improve a lot after conflict when we did vision board. It’s good to say that “it’s ok to have conflict because we will learn and improve.” I looking forward to the midterm and final presentation. I hope we will do a great job. This is all for today and Rets is coming to tell us to go to sleep. Good night!



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