Asian Youth Development Program(AYDPO) is a 20 day program in Okinawa. High school students from 14 different Asian countries interact each other by learning and understanding environment related issues. During this program, the participants only use English.



This program aims at providing an opportunity for young people from 14 countries, principally members of ASEAN and Japan, to gather in Okinawa, which is located in the center of the Eastern Asia region. By learning about global environmental issues, these young people are expected to become the innovators of the future. Furthermore, by spending 20 days together, they are expected to forge links of friendship by deepening their mutual understanding despite differences in their countries of origin or cultural backgrounds, and to form a strong human network that will help with the realization of one of the goals set by the Okinawa Prefecture in its Okinawa 21st Century Vision which is to achieve the formation of “an island of communion and mutualism that is open to the world”.


FY 2011
Schedule: Aug 6th – 23rd, 2011
Theme: The Future of Asia Rests on a Natural Environment Rich in Water and Energy.
Participants: Total 48 (Overseas 26, Okinawa 11, Mainland Japan 11)

FY 2012
Schedule: Aug 5th – 24th, 2012
Theme: A Livable Future, a Future to be passed on. It Begins with Water.
Participants: Total 54 (Overseas 27, Okinawa 14, Mainland Japan 13)

FY 2013
Schedule: Aug 2nd – 21th, 2013
Theme: For a Sustainable Future, What can we do now?
Participants: Total 54 (Overseas 28, Okinawa 13, Mainland Japan 13)

FY 2014
Schedule: Aug 3rd – 22nd, 2014
Theme: My future, our future. Making our world a better place to live in and pass down.
Participants: Total 55 (Overseas 29, Okinawa 13, Mainland Japan 13)



Okinawa Prefecture Government

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