I didn′t do activity because i have sick and i can′t do activity because i didn′t have energy. But at Night i am join the activity “Youth Leader Presentation”because that is last night Youth Leader in Okinawa. And after Youth Leader Presentation i hug Rita and Yaned. Rita is Youth Leader in my group, Group 1, she from China, she so kind, i cried when i hug Rita, because when i have sick Rita keep support me, she said “You are strong, you can do it. You have a good chance to go to Okinawa, you are strong girl to go to other country for first time an without your family”i always remember it. And i make me so sad when she must go back to China. And Yaned, she is from Indonesia like me and Fachran. And she is like my sister. We goes to Okinawa together, but we don′t go back to Indonesia together, i cried when i hug Yaned she is so care to me. We have promise, sometime we must meet up. and if i go to Java she must go with me. We mate in AYDPO 2015 and now we are like family. I miss Yaned and Rita :(

Aurelia Rahmi MAULIDA

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