Two days have already passed since I landed in Okinawa. By reading through the diaries of the lasf year participants、I knew we were visiting somewhere called OIST during AYDPO but wasnt actually sure where that was. Today was the day given to me to know what OIST was. It was a institute school of technology, which aimed to develop he technology and at the same time、save the environment. We listened to three lectures in the lecture room and I was really thankful given the time to listen to the lecture of the professors in oist , and especially meet someone who worked in a broadcasting corporation since my dream is a newsanchor. The lectures provided us a chance to think about why we have to know about the environment. At the same time I was able to understand why AYDPO was held in Okinawa. If it was not aydpo, I wouldnt have known that Okinawa is a place really related to the environment. After the lecture, we were able to look around the rooms and science labs in oist. It is such a wonderful thing to have a dream, passion, and a will to help others. It seemed like oist members satisfied all of these factors. After dinner, there was Katayabira which we could talk about the problems we faced for 2days.

Se Lim LIM

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