On the morning, we went for snorkeling, I really enjoyed this activity. it’s my first time experience this activity, so even it’s hot and I got sunburn, but I was very happy.
At the evening, we gotta go for home-stay at Ie Island, but I was very surprised that the host family welcome us with a traditional dance of Okinawa. I was really surprise, because they just stand and wait for us under the hot sun.
When I arrived at the host family’s house, I was a bit sad, because when I saw the house, it made me feel miss home so much and want to go home immediately. My mother and grandmother (host family) were very good, they loved me as their own family members. I feel like I was at my own home. But the house is too quite, so at night, I just looked through the window, seeing the moon and missing my parents and home so much. I prayed for the day to be back.



Group: 5
Country: Cambodia
Name: SokCheng Ngo

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