On 11th August 2015, we had a business model canvas group discussion in the morning. We learnt about finding the different aspect before starting up a business. I find it much more easier to set up a business aspect after learning about the business model canvas. It will also help us in our future business project since i am studying business course in Singapore. Even though it was confusing at first, after the lecture i finally understand.

After that in the afternoon we had a lecture on Purifying Global Water Level where we learnt about how this company help other people in making dirty water safe to drink. We had this experiment about cleaning the water with just a drop of water purication powder exacted from natto. I had learning how a simple act can change the world.

At night, we had a preperation of the vision board for year 2035. It was hard as we had conflicts and two of my group member cried because of language barriers. We all felt guilty that we stop doing the project and our tutors talk to us. After the talk, we finally work as a team on the project as a group and did a wonderful presentation on it.

Siti Nur Atiqah ABDUL RAHMAN

Today, I could change the think about the business. Before I listen to Mr.Hide’s lecture, I thought the business is risky gamble. But now, the business is one of ways to achieve dreams. This is one of big changes in my life. Since my dream is green engineer, I never thought about the business, but my dream is related to business. Even if there is technology, we can not use it without business.
Also, from the Mr.Oda’s lecture, I could get big lesson entire my life. I couldn’t speak out my opinion because afraid fail. But , Mr.Oda said “Do not afraid of get fail, the fail is mother of success.” Thanks to Mr.Oda I could speak out my opinion at group discussion .
Today, every member get exhausted by nonstop 3 hours lecture, so we couldn’t make successful result. I hope everyone do better tomorrow, by using today’s fail.

Wooseok KIM

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