I am glad to join AYDPO2015 a great experience and rare. Make friends abroad language and cultural exchange activities, talked with a friend that good. And the people are very kind and help each other, but sometimes they are the language barriers and attend some activities. But it goes well.,And it my frist time in abroad!

Rattipat MASANA


AUGUST 10, MONDAY:Today we arrived in Tokashiki Island. It is my first time in this island. It is a very beautiful island. Though the boat ride on our way to the island made me feel very dizzy and sick, the beauty of the island took all the bad feelings away and left me breathless. The accommodation we stayed in was a very peaceful place and very clean too! We spent the day snorkeling and having fun under the sun. We snorkeled and looked for corals with living fish, but unfortunately we only found about two corals that hold live fish. My group and I were very saddened by the dead corals. Other than the corals, we enjoyed the beach by rowing the boat and floating on the sea. It was so much fun having a day out to play. Sometimes learning comes outside lecture walls. I learned that sea life should be valued and time with friends is very important for everyday life. I was happy to have no lectures after the activity because I was very exhausted. I spent the night with my new roommates, Natsumi and Saki. I went to bed and felt very rested and safe. It was a great experience. I definitely enjoyed my first day in Tokashiki.

Erika Beatrice Roque RIVERA


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